Just a bit ago I was lying in bed, reading Reddit and Not Going to the Gym.  (Don't worry, I'm headed there next.  Geez, for someone reading my blog, you can be such a nag!) I stumbled across something really cool.

It's an app for iOS and Android that turns learning Java into a game!

It's called Javvy.

I downloaded it immediately.  It's free.  (There's add-ons and such, but that seems reasonable to me.)

I tried it a bit, and think it's really fun and neat.  I like the idea of using little bits of otherwise throwaway time on skill building.  I work with Java frequently (actually a metaprogramming language that rides on top of the Java Virtual Machine, called Groovy).  But it never hurts to practice your fundamentals.  

They have a version for the new Apple language Swift too.  (Called Swifty!) I may get that later.  Certain friends of mine may want to check that out, too.  (Yes, I mean you Shokolada!) 

What a damn good idea this thing is!

AuthorMako Allen
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