I listen to a lot of Alan Watts lectures, and audiobooks on philosophy.  I do this a lot in the car.  

It can be challenging.

For one, fairly often my GPS will interrupt the book to announce a turn.  Or, even more common, some concept I'm listening to is so darn dense that when I first hear it, I don't quite get it, and need to hear it again.

Fortunately, the audible app has this great "go back seconds button."  But it's not like I can tap it while I'm driving.  That's just not safe.

Well, the other day I made a small but wondrous discovery.  I have an audio control button on the steering wheel of my car.  When I'm playing an audible book that "go back a track" button is just the same as tapping the software button to go back 30 seconds!  


(I also realized that I should only do this when I'm in the car by myself.  I can't even imagine how annoying it would be to have to hear the same 30 seconds of a philosophy lecture three or four times in a row as a passenger.  If you like, you can have your gratitude be that I won't do this to you.)

AuthorMako Allen
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