On Saturday I went for an overdue visit to the eye doctor.  It's been about a year for me, I was running out of the disposable contact lenses I wear, needed new glasses, too.  (I throw my lenses out monthly.  I also don't sleep in them.  Kindly shut your face about that, thanks.)

I did get the briefest of scares during my appointment.  After everything was done, the doctor called me back to "have a discussion."  That never bodes well, and felt like being called into the principal's office.  

Turns out it wasn't anything terrible though.  I've got this little spot, a birthmark sort of thing on the back of my eye.  It's benign, thank goodness, but bears watching.  Conveniently, because it's in the back of my eye the only way it's getting any watching is with that additional $36 worth of photographs each year at my eye exam.

Having a birthmark on the back of your eye is a bit like that being that guy from Mystery Men who can turn invisible, but only when no one is watching him.  

I don't care even a bit though.  I'm glad it's nothing.  My vision is super important to me.

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