Yesterday after work, I stuck around the neighborhood near my office, because it was a whole lot closer to the airport than where we live.  I got to have dinner with my friend Natasha, which was lovely, and afterwards go back to her house for a while to sit on the couch, cuddle, play with her horse plushie, Autumn, and talk about techie things before I had to leave to pick up Missy.

Tasha got to telling me about this super smart idea of hers for a Raspberry Pi based alarm clock that could be snoozed from the device, but only shut off from a web browser elsewhere in the house.  That way she would have to get out of bed.  What a smart idea.

It got me thinking about the nifty little support systems I have built for myself, both implicitly, and explicitly.  One of them is actually this blog.  Sometimes the blog is about really silly, vapid things, and sometimes it's about super serious things, but a big part of why I do it is that it's a form of long-term storage for thinking and exploration I've done before.

Just this morning as I was laying in bed, snuggled up to Missy, my brain was wheeling off into space, as I was thinking about the buddhist concept of shenpa, or attachment.  A while back I had heard an amazing lecture by Pema Chödrön about shenpa, Getting Unstuck.  She said that there are three ways we attach.  I couldn't remember them all.  (I knew about the shenpa of anger, and of pleasure.) I did a bunch of web searching, trying to find some text where she described them, because it was driving me crazy that I couldn't remember the third one.

Then I recalled writing about listening to that lecture months ago, in my blog.  (200 days ago, in fact.)  And I found it.

So glad I write this stuff down.


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