Saturday was a jam packed day for connecting with friends.  

First, Saturday morning I had a good long online chat with Ms Lemon.  I used to be in service to Ms. Lemon and her husband, Rob. That was 12 years ago .

That blows my mind a little.  As I told her, the time I spent with them taught me a lot about who I was, and who I could be. It was a super important part of my life.  It was Ms. Lemon who introduced me to Dan Milman's Way of the Peaceful Warrior and who first really showed me what being in service felt like. Big, big things. 

Then I drove up to surprise my friend Peanut at a birthday party at Medieval Times. That was so super nice. She was all schmoopy over my being there and hugged me about a million times. I love Peanut to pieces. Her little is my little's best friend. We watched the show, and had really good cake.  Afterwards I really wanted to go home with her, and she really wanted me to, too.  

But I couldn't. I just had other things to do. Including stopping at my friend RS's house because I owed him a bag of diapers. I stopped there and visited with him, his awesome wife Kimby, as well as my friends Tan, Rumpus Parable, and Sandbox Phil, an American ageplayer who lives in the Middle East, who I get to see maybe once a year when he visits.  

That was so excellent. I stayed way, way too late, and drove home around 1 am. On the way, my little girl Valentalae kept me phone company which helped me stay alert on the road.  

I'm really very fortunate. I have so many good friends, friends I've had a long while, and who stick by me.  They love me, and I love them right back.  

AuthorMako Allen