Saturday night on my way home from my very long day out my tire pressure light came on.


This morning it was still on.  

Thankfully, I have a great mechanic who is minutes away from my house. 

Good thing.

One of the tires has a gash in the sidewall and needs to be replaced.   Another is wearing thin enough that it should go, too. 

Could be worse. At least it's just two tires.

Things have a funny way of working out just right anyhow.  I got on the road early this morning because I slept in a bit, planning to swim tonight after work. My sister-in-law gave me her next month's rent early, and the check is sitting in my pocket right now.  So I have the time & the cash. Plus, I got to catch my blog up as I wait. 

There's a special kind of grace to stuff like this. When I'm not caught up in how things should be, I work well with what's in front of me. 

That's why I'm only half as tired as I could be. ;-)  




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