This morning I woke up, changed Rachel's diaper, and was doing some media studies (Yes, that's reading twitter while sitting on the potty.  You do it too.) when I got a phone call from my sister/fellow Ghidrah-head Pene.

This made me very happy.  I love Pene.  She's my polyamorous partner, and has been for years.  But our lives and just the general cruft of other obligations have made us drift apart some.  It never fails though, whenever I do see her, and we do spend time together, it's as if no time has passed at all.  The weirdly wonderful ineffable thing that connects us persists.  It's always there.

We love each other dearly.  We support one another through all sorts of things.  And in ways that constantly amaze us, she, Spacey and I are the same.  We love similar things, have similar joys, are amused by the same humor, flirt the same way, and just have this feeling of comfortable open-ness with one another.

It's beautiful, magical, and very precious to me.  It's why we're the Ghidrah.  

A few minutes into the call I sought out brother, and we got to have a good old-fashioned G3, our name for the shared phone conference we used to do constantly.

We spent about an hour and a half keeping her company on a long car ride.  We talked about everything, and nothing.  There was family stuff, philosophy stuff, and discussion about food.

Pene mother-hen'ed me about taking good care of my feet when I go running today.  Brother and I discussed the podcast, and some other book-related plans of ours.  We talked about loving books as children, which made me nostalgically go looking up two books I loved as a kid, The Magic Grandfather and The Girl with the Silver Eyes.  (I need to see if I can find them as e-books someplace.)

At some point, brother made a joke about speculums, and that turned into a discussion about speculoos, which is both a kind of cookie, and a sort of cookie butter, too.  The whole thing made the three of us feel very good.  Brother told us both to be safe and that he loved us.  As sister said just before we hung up, nothing could harsh her mellow today.

Mine either.

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