I'm polyamorous, as are many people I know. Often I've heard from others that being poly is aberrant, strange, unnatural, weird, or even dangerous.  I've heard that people find it threatening, or that it somehow invalidates relationships.   

Now let me state that I don't require approval from others for how I live.  There's plenty of room in the universe for people of all kinds.  I don't need a pat on the back for any of the things that inform who I am, as a person.

Every once in a while though I'll stumble across something that shows there are others out there like me, living happy quiet unique lives that aren't those of the mainstream.  

They're happy. And poly.  And awesome.  

They're happy. And poly.  And awesome.  

That happened today. Cunning Minx the host of the Polyamory Weekly podcast, tweeted a link to an article about a couple In their 80's who have been poly for 62 years now

It's a great read, and they're nice folks. I love hearing about stuff like this. 

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