Missy gave me a good, hard spanking with the bath brush tonight. I needed it, too.

I'm accountable to her for my choices. It's something I've asked her for, and which she both enjoys doing for me and because it makes her feel powerful.

This past week, while I really rocked at my writing, I made some rather poor eating and exercise choices.  I was over my calorie budget and only had two days of exercise to show for it. 


I didn't feel good about it, and told Missy so when I sent her the weekly report my food and exercise journaling tool compiles for me.  

I asked her if my opinion about the report mattered. She said, "your opinion always matters."  That made my heart melt. 

I told her I needed to be punished for my poor choices, and sure enough, she took care of me. 

After she sent me to get ready for bed.  In a little bit she will cuddle me to sleep.  

My bottom aches and my heart is over full. I'm so lucky she understands me, loves me, and takes such good care of me.  

AuthorMako Allen
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