Friday night some of our Kids™ (adult age players who are in our family and belong to us) came over for the weekend.  Katiebug and her girlfriend, Leah.  We hadn't had a visit with both of them in ages.

We spent nice quality time, ate several meals together, snuggled, watched movies, and hung out. They also did us a big solid favor, helping us to move out of a storage bin we no longer need or want.  

We did this Saturday.  It was a bit of a comedy of errors.  I made the assumption that it would be super easy to rent a big van from The Home Depot for a few hours (it wasn't) and instead went with U-Haul.  My last minute decision resulted in a whole lot of shuffling about that made us drive to a place kinda far from our house or the bin to get the van, then have to load it up in a hurry.  

Some of what we moved/got rid of was old beds.  We had two in storage.  Mattresses are a horrible pain to move.  Mommy had the idea of putting one on a pull cart at the storage bin, and Leah had the great idea of folding it over and using something to weigh it down.

The something she suggested was in fact, herself.

Note Leah's adorable moving co-ordinated ensemble.

Note Leah's adorable moving co-ordinated ensemble.

 This worked out great.  We employed the Cute Girl Compression Method twice, and got the van loaded up in short order.  

Then after a now-comical-but-not-then-funny-in-even-the-slightest-way discovery that Goodwill doesn't take mattresses but that the Salvation Army does, we were able to unload the stuff we were giving away, and bring the rest back to the house.

This all took about 2 hours longer than I thought it would.  (Side note, I'm also very, very grateful to my sister-in-law who used her charm and clever trickiness to bamboozle the angry counterman at the U-Haul place out of charging me a $250 "You're an idiot Mako" fee.)

After which we all went out for well earned milkshakes and burgers.  

I'm grateful for all the clever help and resourcefulness my family gives me.


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