I'm fortunate enough that my job allows me to telecommute sometimes.  Friday was just such a day.  I love working from home sometimes.  It gives me the time to get in a good long workout in the morning, before settling down to a day of quiet concentration.

Sometimes though, it does pose a few challenges.  I spent most of Friday banging my head against a technical issue I still haven't solved.  This probably wasn't helped by eating no protein whatsoever, because we desperately needed to do some grocery shopping.  I wound up eating microwave ramen for lunch.

You know what's great about microwave ramen?

Yeah, me neither.

But towards the end of the day I was talking on the phone with my friend Squee, just puttering about the house and realized I had just enough fixings to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich with mushrooms!  

You know that thing about how found money is the best kind of money? Or the way say, the french fries at the bottom of the bag somehow taste better than the ones you just ate out of the little french-fry holster they come in?

Surprise last-minute home-made grilled cheese sandwiches (even when one piece is the heel of the bread, actually especially then) beat all that.  It was SO GOOD.

Clearly, I'm going to have to learn to keep the house better stocked for my remote-work days.

AuthorMako Allen
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