Every morning, my cats lovingly, sweetly, but not very gently remind me that their breakfast is how I'm supposed to start the day.

I actually love this.  As I sit on my bed, putting on my socks, Yang will stare lovingly into my eyes, and butt his head against me.  I tend to anthropomorphize the things my cats do, so to me he's saying, "I love you so much Mako.  Remember, no one loves you more than me (when I'm hungry and want cat food.)"

Yin's approach is different.  She sits close by, but just out of reach.  Every time I do something (like brush my teeth, or get up to take off my pajamas), she's ready to remind me that feeding them SHOULD be the very next item on my short list.

If I make a move to leave the bedroom, they rush to the stairs, excited to follow me downstairs, to the kitchen.  When I don't go down the steps, they come back up, their tails and ears low, a little sheepish.  "All right Mako, good one.  You got us, again!  Let's all have a good laugh about it together, maybe over some wet cat food?"

I have owned these cats since they were 10 days old, and now they're over 10 years old.  We have done this little dance with each other just about every day since then, thousands of times.

It never gets old.

AuthorMako Allen
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