I started working on my new novel, A Little Patch of Sunshine back in September, 2014.  I hit chapter 7 back in December.  Then life just sort of hit me in the face, and it's been slow going since then.  

Until yesterday.  I started chapter 8 yesterday.  Whatever it was that had thrown me off-track for several months, I seem to have side-stepped it.

This is a big deal for me.  My writing and creativity are like a mental barometer for me.  When I'm writing, I'm happy.  That's actually kind of hard to parse.  Is it that I'm happy because I'm writing? Well, sure.  But I have to be happy in the first place to do it.  When I'm stressed out, or don't feel confident I close up.  Ironically, the best way for me to feel relaxed is to do it in the first place.  

There's this thing my brother Spacey often quotes, "We are what we repeatedly do." (Which as it turns out was first said by Aristotle.)  This resonates with me.  It's got a very taoist flavor, and in a way an age playing flavor too.  Do something.  Like it.  Do it again!  

Today I'm going to do it again.


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