As I told brother the other day, I know I'm really doing well when I'm writing.  My writing is a sort of mental barometer for my well-being.  Recently, I've been doing some short story work.  I've got a bunch of follow-on stories to Concerning Littleton.  I've got a bunch already written, but I decided to do a pair of stories here on my blog, about two of my favorite characters, Adam and Christina Jordan.  

The first one I finished about a month or so ago, it's called Passenger Seat

Well, just this morning I finished the second of the pair, Gear Shift.

The two stories take up several months after the last chapter of Concerning Littleton, and are about how Adam and Christina are learning to live their daily life of ageplay, authority, and kink together, authentically.

I got a lot of help with them.  Special, close friends inspired some of the content, test read them for me, too.  My work is a synthesis of what matters to me, what turns me on, what matters to my friends, and what turns them on.  I am so grateful they help me to do this thing which is so important to me.  Check out the story, I hope you like it.

One final, not-safe-for-work note about the piece.  I often use imagery as research and inspiration.  There's a particular very NSFW image I found which inspired the big finale at the end of Gear Shift.  Here's a link to it

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