I've been a member of the Track Your Happiness Project for several years now.  That's important, I'll get back to it shortly. 

Today, I was having a conversation with Maya about the nature of our relationship, over my lunch hour.  Maya has been my very good friend for more than a decade, and my more-than-a-friend for several years now. 

It's hard to define what we are to one another. We don't have a good word for it, ourselves. She's always been there for me, and for Missy, too. She's helped me through some incredibly painful things, as I have for her. We love one another very much. 

Having a unique, Indefinable relationship isn't all rainbows and Jelly Babies though. Sometimes it's challenging. I had a bit of an epiphany over something I haven't been doing well for a while, and called her up, excited to open the hood of this thing, and maybe tinker with the spark plugs of it with her. 

We did. It was a great talk.


During the talk, I got a text from the Happiness folks, and they asked me "To what extent are you growing as a person as a result of what you're doing right now?"

My answer: A LOT. 

The neat thing about these sorts of moments is that they help me grow holistically. I learn a little bit more about who and what I am, and how I relate to those I care about each time I have one of these "growth opportunities."

I'm pretty lucky. 

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