Lately I've been re-listening to a favorite book of mine, American Gods by Neil Gaiman.  There's this big part of the book where the main character, Shadow Moon, spends the winter in the town of Lakeside, Wisconsin.  One of the things he does there is hang out at a café where they serve pasties, a kind of meat-and-savory pie.  I've always wanted to try one.

Yesterday, I did.  I decided to get out of the office, and Yelp-stumbled across this place:

I got a traditional pasty, which was stuffed with grass-fed beef, and veggies.

Holy Moley was that good.  The counterman described them to me as "Like the best hot pocket you ever had in your life."

He was right.  

An added benefit was that they sell all this imported food and candy.  I picked up a nestlé Lion Bar, a candy bar I used to love when I was a kid, and had often when we spent summers overseas in France.

What a good find!


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