Brother, Marie Furie, and I have had this EPIC group text going since I was at Frolicon back in April.  We talk all the time, about all sorts of things, from Very Serious Stuff™ to Completely Frivolous Stuff™.  

One running joke that got started was about how it'd be really neat if, when you were about to make a Big Mistake™, the universe could let you know, by dropping a post-it-note with the word "Nope." on it in your underpants.  Then you'd maybe slip out to the bathroom, to try to ascertain the scratchy feeling in your general crotch-o-politan area, and find the note, and know to not do whatever-it-was that you were about to do.

We were joking around about that for maybe the sixth time when on a whim, I googled for a post-it-note generator and found one, and dropped this little gem into the chat.

Much hilarity ensued.

AuthorMako Allen
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