Steven is a young half-human boy.  He's part "Crystal Gem", a species of people from another world based on geological objects  He's sort of part super hero and part little kid.  He's funny, sweet, kind, moderately obnoxious in a charming way.  He makes up songs about things.  He loves people.

He reminds me so damn much of little mako, the other guy I carry around in my head.  I just binge watched 14 episodes of the darn thing, and am utterly and completely in love with it.  It's funny, wise, and a tiny bit transgressive.  It pokes fun at social norms.  Steven is something of an unwitting gender and culture outlaw.  He doesn't act the way he does to spite social norms - he's just sort of immune to them.

It's brilliant.  I'm glad it's around.

Check it out.  I bet you will fall in love with it too.


AuthorMako Allen
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