I've got this really good friend.  She's going through something particularly shitty.  I won't say who it is, or what, because that's not for me to do.  Right after I got home from my class today, I got a text from her.  She was in a bad way.

I called her.  We talked, for a long time.

Afterwards, she felt better.  It was not the problem-solved-everything's-great sort of better (which is usually not real anyhow) but the I-can-deal-and-I've-got-my-head-on-differently-now sort of better.

I'm glad for it, too.

I was pretty wiped after my class.  I felt exhausted.  Enough that I decided to skip the gym to come home.  But when my friend texted me, I was instantly on the case.  I suddenly had new energy to spend, to help her.  It surprised me, really.  

Other people's suffering calls to me.  Especially people I like.  The more I like you, the less I can stand your being in pain.  

I don't know why I'm like this.  Heck, maybe everyone is.  I'm just glad I am.  It feels good to me that when people need me, I can be there for them.  I like helping people to blunt the hard edges of their lives.

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