Sunday night we got in around 9pm. I was that horrible mix of jacked and exhausted.  

Exhausted from a 9 hour trip in the car (including traffic around the Verrazano bridge and a stop for Tony Soprano's pizza (cheese, with mushrooms) in New Jersey)

Jacked from being home. I had this minecraft project of mine on my mind, and proceeded to stay up until 2am working on it with a friend.  

Yeah, stupid.  

The next day I managed to get myself up for work, drove in, started reading my email and realized I was bonking.  

This is the icon for work bonking.  

This is the icon for work bonking.  

Thank goodness for understanding bosses and sick days. I got the heck out of their and went home for a extra large sized nap (no cheese, no mushrooms)

AuthorMako Allen
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