So in my day job I work with a java framework callled Grails.  Grails sits on top of a database backend, which can be anything.  The principal language in Grails is called Groovy.  (Like there's Ruby on Rails, there's Groovy in Grails.)  Every Grails version of a technology seems to have a name that starts with G.

Object relationship modeling, or ORM, is no exception.  Grails has a system that persists objects, Hibernate-style into a database, called GORM.

Mostly GORM Is amazing.  Every once in a while though I have to figure out something REALLY complicated with it that makes my brain hurt.  I had this insanely hard SQL query I needed to refactor, that conditionally joined three different tables, used aliases, and conditional cases.  It was a MONSTER.


I banged my head against it for three days.  Eventually, after a whole lot of googling, and talking things out with a colleague from previous jobs, I got it figured out. 

My job is often this sort of bipolar experience of either "I got this" or "I have no idea what the @#!% I'm doing."

I'm really grateful for the "got this" days when they happen. 

AuthorMako Allen
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