I've been off my game, writing wise, for a while.  Today, I am right back to it.  This morning I was talking to a good friend about age play, intimacy, submission, butt plugs, and other lovely things, and also stumbled across a VERY NSFW wonderful animated gif posted by my friend @itsImrielJay on his tumblr.  (Seriously, it's lovely and filthy - click at your own risk.)

Those two things crashed together on my mental highway in a glorious car accident of inspiration, and BANG - a story began bleeding its way into my mind.  It's about Adam & Christina, two of my favorite characters from my novel Concerning Littleton, and takes place after the end of that book.  

I'm using the story as a way of warming my writing muscles back up, as I'm working on my next novel.  I just spent the better part of my whole day working on the story so far. 

I decided to post it here at my site, and share it with you, because I'm so grateful to be writing again.

It's called Passenger Seat.  Let me know what you think!

AuthorMako Allen
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