I've been friends with PowerFlower for a while now.  We're moved by many of the same things.  Since we knew we'd be at Frolicon this year, we'd invested a lot of energy and thought into our mutual loves of spanking, diapering, and discipline.  

On Sunday, after intentionally really not thinking about it all con, as Flower, her mommy, and I spent the dwindling last hours of the con together, that thing we had been contemplating happened.

First, I gave Flower a spanking she so desperately needed.  I spanked her bottom, her thighs, insider her thighs, too.  When she was just the right shade of pink, I turned her over, and got her into her easter diaper.

And then I comforted her and told her what a good girl she was.

We both cried a little.  Come to think of it, Flower's mommy cried a little, too.  No wonder.  It was a special moment. 

AuthorMako Allen
Categories365 Gratitude