One thing Missy, MB, and I all love is a Vietnamese noodle soup called pho

 Missy had the very awesome idea to learn to make it at home.  She used all the ingredients the recipe called for, except one which she couldn't find, and was a bit repulsed by, fish sauce. 

Her homemade pho, or maybe "phaux" (because no fish sauce), is pictured below. 


It was fantastic.  We ate it out of noodle bowls from Japan, which Missy had bought for us a while back.  (They happen to be Ingress event themed bowls, which she got from a fellow Ingress agent from Japan.  That's nerd cred right there.)  We ate the pho using chopsticks from Japan, too, that MB brought back from her recent trip there.

I love my family so much! 

AuthorMako Allen
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