I've always enjoyed the feeling of being part of something bigger than myself, one of the team, part of the group.   

That idea is really driven home for me when I see the inner workings of other people's lives out in the open. I get this sort of voyeuristic contact high from it.  

Case in point. Missy and I were out running errands and saw this.  


Now I don't know Laurie. I don't know the person who wants to be her prom date, either.  

But I love that somewhere nearby, maybe a bit before I saw that, or maybe soon after, Laurie would see and be surprised by this sweet, romantic gesture.  

In a way neither of them will ever know, I got to be part of their little adventure. For just this brief moment my life intersected with theirs.  

If you pay attention you can see this same sort of thing happening to you countless times every day.  That guy next to you on the elevator might be going home to practice his guitar solo in his heavy metal band. The woman in front of you buying toothpase might be buying it for her trip to Brazil.  

The same thing is true about you. Your own unique, wonderful life adds to the richness and variety of all the lives around you. 

It's like we're each a tile in this vast and beautiful mosaic. I love that feeling.  

AuthorMako Allen
Categories365 Gratitude