Small warning: The video I link to in this post is mildly NSFW (because, boobies.)  Be smart about it, okay?

My friend Kat is an age player, a film maker, and a professional mommy.  She's been on The Big Little Podcast before, and she and I have several friend connections of various sorts.  I think she's awesome.

Today, her boy M. showed me a video she made all about the complex nature of being little, and having a relationship with a Daddy.  It's breathtaking.  It very smartly sums up the complex nature of that relationship.  There are many, many ways to have and be in a relationship of any kind - this isn't the way an age playing girl is.  But it's a very smart illustration of a way.  It's very worth watching.

I'm grateful it exists, and that the world has in it such a smart, talented, insightful person who could make such a thing.  I'm even more grateful that she's my friend.

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