So, my friend Cargo and I have moved in together.

Don't get all upset - he's still with his partner, Axiom.  I'm still with Missy.  I'm not talking about our houses in the real world.  I'm talking about the Frank Lloyd Wright style house we're building and staying in together, on our friend Bluwolf's Minecraft Realm, Sorceria.  

love that Cargo and I are doing this thing together.  We've been really good friends for a long time now.  We're compatible in a lot of ways.  In our day lives, we're both techie propellor heads, and we both have that little-boy-playing sensibility about our age play.  We love stuffed animals and lego blocks, and play dates to color, or watch My Little Pony together, or nerd out. 

When he came to visit a few weeks ago, I got him to play Minecraft with me on my XBOX, and we both loved the shared experience so much, we decided we needed to keep it going long distance.

So I found us a good server to play on together, and we got to it.

In the world of the game, I'm kind of like Cargo's littler, not quite as skilled brother.  His natural aptitude for 3-d worlds, rendering, and architecture has made him something of a minecraft prodigy.  He has learned so much, so fast.  I follow his lead, and build stuff under his general design philosophy.  

We're not often on at the same time, but when we are, it's so joyful.  It's like going over to my friend's house for an afternoon play date.  Sometimes I log on to find new things he's done, and find delightful surprises, like this one:

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