One of the things I love about my brother is that we sort of play this relay-tag game with one another, philosophically.  When we first met, he was Christian, and I was an atheist.  Over the years, that's changed.  Now he's an agnostic, and I'm a tao-chia taoist (which makes me a non-theist, not an atheist, or theist, or monotheist, or polytheist).

So his views and my own are often quite compatible.  One big thing we share is an appreciation for the taoist idea of wu-wei, or non-action.  The basic premise of which is that everything in the universe is already unfolding as it should.  You don't need to do anything special for the sun to rise.

Surprisingly, this comes up a lot because of our work on the Big Little Podcast.  Some social ripple will happen in an online community related to ageplay, or we'll get a problematic call or email, and the question comes up - what is it we need to do about it.

Here's a typical exchange we have over such issues:

I'm glad we're of the same mind on these things.  We'll not get right on that.

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