In my day job I work with a Java framework called Grails. I've been a tech guy for a long time, but a Java guy for only maybe 4 years in total, and a Grails guy for about a year.  

I have previously been somewhat down on myself about this, feeling like I wasn't far enough along compared to others and that I needed to get to some arbitrary place of proficiency to be taken seriously. 


At my new job I can see how needlessly hard I've been on myself.  I'm one of a small team, and there are folks here who know Grails better than me, and some who do not. I've already made some really positive contributions, and I can feel my own skills growing and maturing. 

The less I worry about what to do, and just do, the more this seems to happen. 

There's a Lao-tzu quote about this that really speaks to this experience. 

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

AuthorMako Allen
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