Yesterday was a good day for me at work.

I was in the middle of a larger technical task, creating a service, for something I was working on.  Every time I tried to create my new service though, the IDE I was using would behave oddly.  It started really making me mad, and I began to feel stupid.

Then I got over it, took a deep breath, and did some smart googling to find my answer.

(This turned out to be needing to put the service name after the package name, with a "." between them, like net.onlydoing.ExampleService.  Aren't you glad you asked?)

Later in the day I was having a problem with something else, and this time, after banging my head against it for about half an hour, I asked one of my team mates for help.  They instantly cleared up my issue, and I was able to move on, and do yet more complex technical things.

When I walked out of the office that afternoon, I felt really good about both those things.  Why? Because I was able to help myself when I needed to, and was able to ask for help, when I needed to, too.  I think there's something important in that.  Part of being capable is recognizing when you really do need help from others, and putting aside your pride to ask for it.  I'm grateful that I am smart enough to figure out some stuff, including the times when I need someone else's help.


AuthorMako Allen
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