Our girl Kate is down to visit us this weekend. When we got up, Missy, as is often her habit, encouraged Kate and I to go take a shower, together. 

I love showering with my intimate friends and partners.  It's kind of sexual for me, and kind of not. When you're covered in body wash, shampoo, and water and naught else with someone, it has a way of making you very close, and not just physically. 

At one point Kate and I noticed that my love for all things shark related had looped us into this strangely meta, self-referential experience.

In the shower she had used one of my shark themed bath poufs to soap me up, afterward had wrapped me up in my shark hoodie towel, and was drying me off, and using the towel on a shark tattoo I have. 


We both laughed, feeling a weird Inception-like moment about it.  

It was great.  

AuthorMako Allen
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