I've been struggling with a code problem with a side project for over a week now.  Yesterday I met up with an old friend, C. for coffee and to get his help looking at the code problem. 

We got together at a Panera, booted up our laptops, and banged away at the problem. After 90 minutes of trying different things, and a whole lot of cussing and research, we found the problem.

If you really want to know the issue, the Grails framework has different modes of operation.  When I pushed coded up to the repository for my application host, the application was in production mode, and trying to update databases that didn't exist.  I had to change the mode to create and drop the tables each time the application came up.

See I told you you wouldn't care.

But anyhow, the point of all this is that:

a) I'm grateful my friend helped me.

b) mistakes are often how you learn things.  Now I know how to fix that problem.


AuthorMako Allen
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