I had a really great job interview yesterday.  It was the second interview I've had recently, and while I was nervous beforehand, it wasn't the heart-pounding-like-a-Keith-Moon-drum-solo experience that my first interview was.

It went really well.  The interviewer was really nice, and we clicked right away.  He was impressed with my experience, and we had a long, good talk about technology in general, my experience in particular, and some of the various technical things I've done.  Then, he ran me through some programming problems, and had me work the code out on a whiteboard with him.

I left there feeling really damn good about the experience, and the company, too.

I don't know what it means yet, but around 10:30pm last night I got an email from a company VP looking to follow up with me today.  

I'm trying very hard to not have any expectations about this - and failing miserably.  We'll see!

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