So this has been a tough week for me.

I had a house disaster, been sucked into a drama-filled friend-disaster, too.

It's been sucky.

But, I didn't have to endure it alone.  My family and I dealt with the house disaster together, and leaned on one another effectively and efficiently.  I learned a lot about myself and how I function during a crisis, and my relationship to my family members during said crisis.

Good stuff.

My more-than-friend Squee has been my friend-drama-disaster-buddy and it's knit us together nicely.  We're really, really tight.  

I wrote in my last entry about how the idea of nonduality has become this enormous thing in my life, and it's affecting everything from my politics to my diet.  One big thing has come out of all this banding-together-through adversity.

I've written before about the tale of the chinese farmer, and how things aren't good and aren't bad.

If you haven't heard it before, be my guest.  It's great.

But I also had a level-up about it. today.  When it comes to our experience, nonduality matters.  The things we experience, which are immensely complex, and cannot be simply reduced to "good thing" and "bad thing" are part of that non-dualistic experience.  

We are in this TOGETHER.

That is a beautiful thing.  I've learned more about myself this week, and about my relationships to other people, because of the fortunate misfortune we've been moving through, together. 

I'm grateful for it.  I'm grateful for them.  I'm grateful for you.

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