Monday night I went to leave the house to go food shopping.  I got down to the garage, and felt a sudden cold drip drip of water on my head.  This happened while I was inside the garage.

Not good.

I went to the market anyhow, but before I did I texted my family to tell them what was up, and that I was calling our landlord.  I also stopped to talk to our next door neighbor, whose house is sort of on top of our garage.

Turns out she was having a problem with her washing machine, and said problem was leaking into our house.

A whole lot of sturm und drang occurred next.  Emergency visits from the water company, maintenance crews, water shut off at the neighbor's house, a lost dog (neither of ours), just all sorts of utter crazy nonsense.

Five days later as I write this, things are still up in the air.  But, because I went to leave the house, I caught the problem before it could have been much worse.  And, we still have a roof over our heads.  It's going to get fixed, and it's going to work out.

That's because ultimately, everything changes.  Everything works out.  It doesn't necessarily work out well. (For example, a lot of my sister-in-law's precious keepsakes for her children got soaked and might be permanently ruined.  That completely sucks.)  

But the good news is that there is always more news.  No one and nothing stays the same.

AuthorMako Allen
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