"Squidward" is sort of a direction for me. Missy always says that I head toward things I'm afraid of, as opposed to away. 


I see that's true, and that when I'm able to bring people along with me, that makes it even better. 

Case in point: since my conversion to being a pescetarian, I've been slowly getting my sister-in-law, who's not real big on fish, to try new fish things. The other day it was lobster bisque. She was hesitant at first, but then warmed right up to that bisque. 

Go on, say bisque again. I did too, it's funny. 

Anyhow, last night was more of the same. Missy, MB, and I went out for a fancy dinner for the very best reason: we just felt like it. 

At the restaurant, I ordered a calamari appetizer (which my sister Pene's one relative famously and hilariously calls an "advertiser".) 

When it came to the table, she was hesitant .  I mean calamari is just Italian for squid , right?I reminded her about the bisque, she laughed and tried it. 

So did Missy.  

They loved it. 


We headed squidward.  

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