My friend William gave me an amazing gift a while back.  He made me homemade beer, called DC Munch Beer, with an adorable ageplay pride label.  One or two bottles had special "Mako Edition" labels.  The last one of these, a big growler, has been sitting in my fridge, waiting for me to open it for a while.

"It's okay to nurse your beer."

"It's okay to nurse your beer."

Tonight, apropos of nothing, I decided tonight was the night.  Missy had to work, and I made dinner for myself and my sister-in-law Marybeth.  We had very nice lobster bisque (which I warmed, from a box).  I don't know how to make it yet, but I want to learn.  Plus, we had excellent fancy-shmancy grilled cheese sandwiches, with mushrooms I sautéed, and guacamole.  (Trust me, they're amazing.)  

MB was hesitant about the bisque, but I told her to be bold, and unafraid, and give it a shot.  She LOVED IT.  I decided to celebrate by cracking open the last bottle of my custom beer.  It's been in the fridge aging for a long while.

It was fantastic.

As is my friendship with the man who made it.  William is a great friend.  He's visited, spent lovely time with my family.  I've always liked him enormously, and over time, we've gone from casual friends to very good ones indeed.

I'm very glad for his friendship, which, just like his beer, continues to get better the longer it ages.

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