I've been on cloud nine lately, because of a phenomenon poly people all know about, called NRE.  That stands for New Relationship Energy.

That's because I'm officially dating someone new.  Some of you may know her, her scene name is Squee.

"New Relationship" is kind of a lie, though.  Squee and I have known each other for several years now.  We started as friends, and over the years realized we really understood each other.  We felt this close kinship, and easy ability to talk to each other about anything and everything.

In the past few months. we've leaned on one another a lot, about all sort of things.  Eventually, we realized we were more than friends, that we loved one another.

Well, we had loved one another for a long time.  But this was a new way.  

You know how it makes me feel? It makes me want to squee.


AuthorMako Allen
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