My gratitude today is kind of an unpleasant one.

I'm generally a soft, gentle, loving person.  I open my heart and welcome folks in.  I see to others needs when and where I can.  I don't like suffering in anyone, but most especially in others.  I'm pretty tender like that.

But not always.

When I have to be, I can be hard.  I can do that which is necessary.  I know my own boundaries, and can establish them firmly.  Without being cruel, without being unkind, I can be blunt, firm, and unyielding.

I can be tough as nails.  I can take a pounding, get a bit bent, but still stick.

I've had a situation going on recently that's made me have to do just that.  I've been involved in a friend's drama, to a degree that rapidly became unhealthy for me.  It lifted me high, and slammed me down low.  I'm not going to say who or what, because it's nobody else's business, and because I don't want to smear them on the internet.  That's not my style.

But I reached a crucial impasse with them late last night.  I told them so, too.  The amount of drama in the situation was just toxic for me.  I was done.  I wished them well.

Don't get me wrong - afterward, I sobbed myself to sleep.  I'm tough as nails, sure - but I'm not a robot!  Eventually, I did drift off.  I reached out to some of my trusted folks, both in my sleeplessness, and this morning.  

Today, I feel better.  

I'm glad that when I need to, I can do this.

AuthorMako Allen
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