Sunday morning Missy and I lay in bed together, just relaxing.  I do love a morning cuddle or three, so I moved into pre-hugging position and prepared to pounce on her.

Only to be denied by Yang, our boy cat.  He decided it was his turn for Missy love, and plopped himself down on her side, putting his paws protectively and possessively by her face.

You can't tell in the picture, but he had woken her up while he oh-so-not-delicately plopped himself on her.  (To be fair, I too have woken her up when I oh-so-not-delicately have done the same.)  She's got this wry little grin on her face as she pretends to sleep, just to let Yang have his moment of victory.

I love these little moments.

AuthorMako Allen
Categories365 Gratitude