Early Wednesday morning, we couldn't sleep.  Around 3am, we just both got up.  For whatever reason, my inner toddler, little mako popped out.  Missy got excited, and used the opportunity to take him (or is that me, or maybe us? Whatever.) out on a spontaneous field trip.

We dressed quietly, and slipped from the house.  We walked around the island, going down to a boat landing.  We stared up at the moon and the stars.

At one point, we came to this intersection that had this really weird blue light traffic light that he (I? Again, whatevs!) was really fascinated with.

We eventually wound up on the beach, next to a sand castle, laying together, waiting for the sun to come up.

It's been a very vanilla vacation, and little mako has been mostly asleep in the back of my head since we left Virginia.  It was super special to get that quality, sneaky, alone mommy-little time together.

AuthorMako Allen
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