On Sunday Missy and I drove up to see our girl Katie, her partner Leah, and help celebrate the birthday of her son, C.  Katie really, really, really likes balloons. 

You can tell from this picture of her holding the balloons for the party, in the back seat of my car. 



They only even fit because Missy was able to get the lions share of them in the hatch, in the back.  She squeezed, pushed, pulled, and shoved balloons around until the four of us and the copious amount of balloons fit in the car.  That was the first moment of balloon ingenuity. 

I had my own moment of it later, when we were trying to tie up some balloons outside the hall where the party was going to be.  I'm no boy scout, but I do know how to make a slip knot, because reasons.

"The party is that way!" 

"The party is that way!" 

I was proud of myself.   The party was great too.  At one point all the kids played a game where they kneeled, sat on, leaned against, or just outright stomped on balloons to pop them.  (Did I mention we had a lot of balloons?)  It was hysterical.


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