So this morning, I went for another long walk for a workout. Missy left the house with me. We got to the beach and I realized I had forgotten to put on sunscreen. 

No problem. She had some cash, and we bought sunscreen at the beach, and she sprayed me up real good.

I got on my way. I called my friend shyguy from Germany over Skype, and we got into a good long talky call.  It was such a good call that before I knew it I had walked over 4 miles one way, to the very northernmost tip of the island.  

Now I had been planning a long walk. After all, tomorrow we travel home, and odds are good I won't be getting a workout in, or probably eating very well.

But I wasn't sure I meant to do over 8 miles. Still, I didn't regret the decision, at first. I turned around, and headed back.

At mile 5, I was a bit tired. By mile 6, I was outright exhausted, and very, very thirsty.  I didn't bring any water with me, which was pretty stupid in hindsight. 

I briefly flirted with the idea of hopping on the free trolley bus that goes around the island. I even sat on a trolley bench for a minute to get out of the heat and the sun.

Sometimes sitting down is just super.  

Sometimes sitting down is just super.  

That reinvigorated me enough that I could keep going until I eventually found a public library.  Besides books, libraries have... Anyone?  

Water fountains!


My lovely German friend got to hear me slurp cold water like an over eager dog, for a full minute.

I got back on the road, and headed for home, only to have to seek shelter under a building porch minutes later when a huge rain storm came through.

Totally dry...except for being drenched in sweat

Totally dry...except for being drenched in sweat

Not long after it vanished, and the air was left damp and cool, the sky still cloudy. Perfect weather for the exhausted walker to find his way home.

I commented to my friend how very grateful I was, how astounded by the sheer number of things I had to be grateful for that day.

I often say that 道, or the universe provides.  Whatever I need, is given to me right when I need it. Sometimes those things are unpleasant, like aching feet, or a long way to go to get someplace. Sometimes, they're lovely like a good companion, a cold drink, a thoughtful spouse, or sudden shelter. 

But either way, so long as I'm mindful, paying attention to what's in front of me, I have enough. 

I'm grateful for this.

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