One of the things I really love about being an age player is how we often repurpose the stuff of childhood for our own amusement.  

Being an adult who hasn't put aside childlike things isn't exclusively the province of ageplay either. There's a growing social trend called being a rejuvenile, coined by the author Christopher Nox in a book by the same name.  (I haven't read it yet, but mean to.). Rejuveniles like very many of the same things they liked as kids, and which many ageplayers like, too. 

That's good news for me. It shows up in some odd places, too. Just this morning as I was waiting for my train, I saw some very interesting graffiti on the side of a tanker train. 


It took me a second, but I realized I knew that purple beret and sunglasses wearing redhead. It's none other than Judy Funnie, sister to the title character of the cartoon Doug. 

I love that stuff like this happens. It's like the whole world is in on the gag that I'm not entirely a grownup. 

Maybe no one is.  

AuthorMako Allen
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