Today at the gym, I was swimming and listening to a new book, The Magic of Awareness. It's about mindful attention and enlightenment.  


It's pretty great so far. I was 35 minutes into what I meant to be a 1 hour swim when the lifeguard came and threw me out of the pool, because the building was having electrical problems.  

No problem, I thought and grabbed a shower amongst the oddly flickering lights of the semi-dark locker room.  

As I was finishing up, the lights cut out completely except for the emergency ones.  


This turned out to be a big problem. My locker is locked with a multi dial combination lock.  

One thing that book I was listening to talked about was how enlightenment is the state of being no one, and having nothing.  

Standing in the dark, naked except for a towel, with only my goggles, iPod, and a soaked bathing suit was fairly close to that.  

Another man entered the locker room and I asked him if he could put the beam from his cell phone on my lock.  He did, saying something about his being happy to shine a light for me. 

I started laughing, a lot. 

Then I explained why. 

AuthorMako Allen
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