I love words.  

I have had a life long romance with words, reading, writing, and language.  

When I was in the 3rd grade I read my scholastic dictionary from cover to cover once, like it was a story. 

I told my teacher at the time, Mrs. Bogardus, that I had done that. She asked, "How was it?" 

I told her that there was no plot at all, but I found it very descriptive.  

Back in those days, there used to be school book sales.  You would  order books, then bring a check to school when they arrived. 

My parents were proud enablers of my book addiction.  The same thing would happen each time. The teacher (this was not always the aforementioned Mrs. B.) would open the box, and after handing out a book or two to Sonya, Joey, Owen, and the rest, would bring the box to my desk, and give it to me. 

This was because I usually ordered all the books on the list.  

As I got older my grandmother & aunt taught me how to play Scrabble, too. 

One of my most favorite things about the game is learning new words from it.  

 Just today I played dusking in a game against my aunt. 


I thought it might be a word, but didn't outright know it.  After I played it and it took, I looked it up, delighted. 

My love affair with words continues to remain strong after all these years.  I'm so grateful for it. 

AuthorMako Allen
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