So my wife Missy kinda likes the Seahawks...


No, that's an outright lie.  She adores them.  She's mad for them.  She thinks they're amazing, and loves being a 12th man, a Seahawks fan. 

I'm not a big sports fan myself.  Honestly, sometimes I struggle to even understand the rules of football. 

But I will tell you what I am  a big fan of - my wife's passion.  She's a quiet, introverted person.  It takes something special to fire her up, but when she's in, she is in, baby! 

i just spent the past 40 minutes or so watching her engage in friendly smack-talk with my sister-in-law, and being mostly a little blue that her Hawks didn't seem like they were going to make it.   

Literally in the last 5 minutes of the game, the team turned it around.  And Missy, she was on her feet, jumping in the air, whooping and hooting and cheering.   

I love when this happens, because I'm my wife's biggest fan.

AuthorMako Allen
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