My day is jam packed. My backpack on the other hand is bathing suit packed. 

When I'm well rested I try to fill my days with attention to many things. 

Today I've already taken out the trash, made breakfast, made an early train, studied a tech class on the train, too.


When I get off the train, I'll go swimming before work.  Then there's a full work day, including lunch with my friend Tasha, followed by a train ride home.  

I might do some writing on the ride home, or for an hour when I get there. 

I know that all sounds sort of exhausting, but I actually find it mostly exhilarating. 

I like to be ambitious, to challenge myself to learn, do, and grow more.   

I don't always have the energy to push myself like that, but I'm really grateful when I do.  

AuthorMako Allen
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