My gratitude today is for my friend, PrettyFlower.  You know her.  She was on episode 95 of the Big Little Podcast, she's that ageplayer and artist who runs Pretty Dirty Words

She fucking loves people.


PrettyFlower is just damn cool.  Why she's my gratitude for today is because of her rampant, unchecked, and brilliant blossoming.  She's at a place in her kink "career" that I haven't been in about 20 years.  Everything is new, exciting, terrifying, energizing, and life altering to her.  

She's awesome about sharing it with me, too.  We talk regularly about various kink goings-on in our lives to one another, and wax emotional, philosophical, and sexual about what it means to each of us.  She's sort of the master of having her cake and eating it, too.  She dives into experiences headlong, drinks them in thoroughly, has a fine (or crappy) time doing it, and then later on, we get to talk about it.  We infinitely comb through, analyze, deconstruct, and codify these experiences for our mutual, shared benefit.

Is it hot?  God, yes.  Is it fun?  Most of the time.  Sometimes we share things that are gut wrenching and terrible.  But our shared process breaks those things down and makes them palatable, beneficial, even.  Being friends with PrettyFlower is a bit like going back in time, to experience my own life as young age player, while getting to bring along 20 years of experience doing it.  Plus, this time around, I get to have a vagina, or something like that.  

She's such a generous sharer of her awesome experiences, and heart.  I'm grateful for her.


AuthorMako Allen