Three years ago or so, Spacey and I started doing the Big Little Podcast.  When we did, it was kind of a lark at first.  We had taught classes at events before, and thought that podcasting could be an interesting new way to share what we knew and cared about with other people.

We had no idea it would take off like it has, and do the good that it's done.  While I am very grateful for the podcast, my gratitude today (well, okay, yesterday) isn't about that exactly.

It's about this other thing that's happened to me, that I've got from being what Spacey, Mae, and I have come to call a "podcat."  I've made some amazing friends I never would have otherwise.


It boggles my mind a bit, really.  I have good friendships with people all over the world from this work I do.  I regularly talk to people as far away as Australia and Germany, and all over the United States.  And these aren't casual, drive-by, like-their-post-on-facebook-while-eating-a-sandwich type friendships, but relationships with depth and quality.  

So much so that when I have been dealing with the tragedy of a relative's passing, they've gone out of their way to email me, or reach out to me through one of the ways we connect, and comfort me, directly.  

So much so that I've either visited them, they've gone out of their way to visit me, or we've become more than friends.  (Yes, I'm talking about you, Vee.)

How did I get so lucky?

I have no idea.  But I'm grateful for it.

AuthorMako Allen
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